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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Strength Secret of Spider Web Design Explained

The raw material of silk and intricate design is the key strength of the web of the spider. The experts carried out tests with three other ingredients. Apparently, the spider silk yarn six times more resistant to damage when hit by falling branches or high winds compared to other materials.

Similarly, when given the additional burden, just a tangle of spider silk threads are damaged. With the most minimal damage, the spider just need to make small repairs than to make a web from scratch.

The surprising finding when the researchers reduced the weight by 10 percent from various points of the spider web. Load reductions did not lead to a spider's web becomes weaker, but makes it 10 percent stronger.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston also shows how artificial silk yarn has a strength of spider five times stronger than similar yarns made of steel.

"Web of the spider is getting stronger when there is a change of mechanical properties when there is about it," said Markus Buehler, a researcher at MIT. The study, conducted with his colleagues was published in the latest issue of the journal Nature.

According to Buehler, making net energy consuming most of the spiders, so the design needed to be able to prevent major repairs when the nets were damaged. The scientists found that the silk yarn as raw material for nets can be soft or rigid, depending on the load of him. "It's not as other natural or man-made fibers," he said.

In this study, they found the spider webs contain two types of silk thread. 
  • The first type is stiff and dry silk threads drawn from the center toward the edge of the net.
  • The second type of silk thread that is thinner and sticky, referred to as "sticky silk". This type of silk thread attached to the circle of the first composition of the dry silk. Useful sticky silk to trap prey stuck to a spider web.
The researchers claim this discovery can be used to design a new generation of super-strength materials. *** [TELEGRAPH | MAHARDIKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 3786]Enhanced by Zemanta
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