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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gunung Sadahurip Was Not a Pyramid?

Gunung (Mount) Sadahurip form in Garut, West Java, a commotion as a pyramid buried, was pentagonal. Although considered to be fair, the fifth side is also not symmetrical with the direction of the wind. According to astronomers Ma'rufin Sudibyo, the condition is not uncommon for building pyramids on earth.
Gunung Sadahurip, Garut, West Java. (Picture from: http://www.tribunnews.com/)
Astronomically, the shape of a pyramid is designed carefully so that the orientation is facing certain special points in the sky. "It was based on an understanding of the dynamics of the heavens and the concept of cultural mythology at the time," he said when contacted by Tempo some time ago.

The position of the pyramid or pyramid-like building, where all sides of the building is always precise facing the four directions of the compass, namely the north, east, south and west. For example, at each pyramid in Egypt, its northern side is always facing the star Thuban, or Alpha Draconis, the star of the sky at the north pole marker of 4,500 years ago. And the hall was built to light the brightest star in the sky, Sirius, can illuminate the empress room.

In addition, the Borobudur and Prambanan Temple, which is shaped like a pyramid staircase, created by the wind into account. As for the Gunung Sadahurip, he saw something different. Wearing a Google Map image of the contour, he found the basic shape of the mountain of asymmetrical pentagon so that each side not the same wide. He did this observations from the contour elevation of 1,320 meters from sea level to the summit.

Ma'rufin calculation start from the north then rotate clockwise, each side of Gunung Sadahurip was facing 68, 143, 220, 284, and 344 directions. Although the azimuth is 360 divided by the number 5 in accordance with the number side of the mountain, the difference corner of each side was not 72 degrees, but varied between 60 and 77 degrees. "What sky objects facing each side of Mount Sadahurip become not clear," he said.

If Gunung Sadahurip is man-made pyramid buried it can be ascertained,
  • First, the builder did not understand the geometry, thus failing to design a symmetrical pyramid base.
  • Second, the builder did not understand astronomy, so that the pyramid could be a marker of sky events that are important to the cultures of the ancient nations.
Based on that calculation, he hesitated to say Sadahurip is buried pyramid. This is similar to the statement the Head of Culture, Department of Culture and Tourism, Garut, Warjita, told reporters on Wednesday (02/01/2012), "Shaped like a pyramid of the Gunung Sadahurip was formed naturally, so it can not be said that in the Gunung Sadahurip keep the buried pyramid."

Warjita statement is based on reporting team of geologists and archaeologists of the ITB are coming to do research in Gunung Sadahurip some time ago.. *** [ANWAR SISWADI | KORAN TEMPO 3796]
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