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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Laser Detection Roadside Bombs

The team of researchers at Michigan State University, United States, developed a laser that can detect roadside bombs, weapons which killed many U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The laser beam, which looks like a regular pointer presentation, the sensitivity and selectivity has the potential to analyze a large area and detect the presence of explosives.
Marcos Dantus, chemistry professor and founder of BioPhotonic Solutions, chaired a team of researchers. Bomb detection is important because many chemical compounds in the environment that can cover the target molecule detection.

"Sensitivity to the molecular structure is very important in identifying explosives, and avoid making the evacuation of a building and road closures are in vain because of false reports," he said.

Given the generally found roadside bombs in crowded areas, methods to detect weapons must be safe and not destructive. This tool should also be able to distinguish the various bomb-like explosive compound, which can be found in urban environments.

Dantus's latest laser can distinguish molecules that released the bomb, even minuscule amounts, to the billionth of a gram. *** [SCIENCEDAILY | KORAN TEMPO 3654]
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