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Thursday, December 13, 2018

The BMW G310SS concept makes a fierce apppearance

The naked BMW G310R motorcycle for some people looks less sporty, meanwhile until now BMW Motorad has not released a sports model yet. To treat this feeling, then A-Tech, one of Japan's leading body kit manufacturers, collaborated with their compatriot automotive magazine named Young Machine to design a sport-designed motorcycle concept based on the BMW G310R called BMW G310SS. And also mentioned those concept imitates the design of BMW S1000RR superbike model.
Computer rendered image of the BMW G310SS supersport bike concept made by Young Machine. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2RJJSlK)
After the entire body of the BMW G310R is stripped out and then wrapped back in a new luxurious carbon body. In the middle of its fairing there is an air intake that looks exactly the same as the S1000RR, due to all its new body elements are made unity then make the motorcycle designs more aerodynamic.
BMW G310SS Prototype designed by A-Tech & Young Machine reborn as a completely different from its donor G310R with the original machine armed with carbon aero parts. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2RJJSlK)
Some of body design is inspired by the Moto3 motorbike racing model with an exhaust placement under the seat which immediately reminds us of the motorcycle figure of the mid-2000s.
A-Tech & Young Machine- BMW G310SS Prototype (Left) made based on the naked G310R (right), the original machine armed with carbon aero parts is "G310SS". The motorcycle reborn as a completely different one. "Black diamond" of dry carbon unified in black is a signboard brand of Atech. Like the S1000RR, the side panels are asymmetric. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2RJJSlK)
As result this motorcycle looks not too tall for a rider who has a 172 centimeter height posture with the feet position perfectly stepped on the ground. A-Tech also designed a sporty sitting position but not tiring. It coupled with those new body design there are several other improvements so it able to cut the weight up to almost 50 kilograms, it thanks to the new body uses carbon kevlar materials. The headlights are removed and replaced with stickers similar to supersport racing motorcycles.
Layout of rum air & muffler center with centering on the engine which sucks from the front and exhausts to the back. The battery is made of Italian ALIANT which is lightweight and high performance. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2RJJSlK)
A-Tech claims that the workmanship of this motorcycle concept is completed in about 2-3 months starting from zero on the basis of the BMW G310R. At the first stage is the replacement of the tank which is made to be more sporty and easily clamped during racing. Even though the lights are still stickers, the actual lights will be made in the future uses the LED-type with the smallest possible shape made.
Muffler and sharp tail produce a dazzling rear view. These are the single and highest moto 3 racer = NSF 250 RW is the image source. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2RJJSlK)
The plan, the company will sell this motorcycle concept in the form of a body kit package worth of JPN ¥150,000 or around Rp.19 million. There is a replacement option on the front wheel. The board is now sporty and squeezed. Now it seems like today's ability and leave naked sports support.

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