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Friday, November 18, 2016

Honda CB1100 TR concept was built in honor of Marco Simoncelli

In addition to displaying a number of new models at EICMA 2016, Honda also unveiled a motorcycle newest concept called Honda CB1100 TR. Yups, the motorcycle appeared in a retro-modern style with a stocky posture is truly have has a fresh design and beautiful shape when viewed of any angles.
Honda CB1100 TR concept at the EICMA Show 2016. (Picture form: http://adf.ly/1fgvbu)
By carrying a 4-cylinder air-cooled and oil DOHC engine which has a capacity of 1,140 cc. The design is quite nice with a combination of the typical color of Honda, ie RGB (Red, Grey, Blue). Then there's yellow-colored Honda logos mounted on the end of fuel tank to enhance its classic impression.
Left side view of Honda CB1100 TR motorcycle concept. (Picture form: http://adf.ly/1fgvbu)
Then we look to the front and right body part, why are there board labeled with the number of 58? Oh, it turns out this bike is dedicated to the late Marco Simoncelli, a MotoGP racer who passed away in 2011 ago. Salutes.

Because this stocky and stout motorcycle also brings the modern frills in its name, then some of its components also use modern parts. The motorcycle using the Öhlins suspensions, both in front and rear. And for the braking system, it using Brembo at the front and Nissin behind.
Rear side view of Honda CB1100 TR motorcycle concept. (Picture form: http://adf.ly/1fgvbu)
Furthermore, Honda CB1100 TR concept has also adopted the slick type tires like the motorcycle competed in the racing arena. Well, its muffler was already using the Termignoni racing-type. What do you think? Cool isn't it?
But, Honda has yet to confirm the production certainty of this motorcycle concept. But clearly this motorcycle has been successfully steal the attention of anyone who saw the stocky body as well as glamorous colors of this motorcycle concept in Milan some time ago.

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