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Friday, September 23, 2016

In the future, a motorcycle can recognize its rider emotions

One Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki reportedly is developing the latest technology, ie a motorcycle that has an intelligence and can recognize its rider emotions.

Kawasaki motorcycle in the future are designed to be able to follow the human development, by utilizes the Information Technology plus the Artificial Intelligence (AI). Later, the bike will be able to have emotions and dialogue with human language.
Later the technology will take us into a new era, which allows the exchanging of information and emotion between the rider and motorcycle. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1eCwWL)
The rider can interact with the technology embedded in the motorcycle that could detect the emotions of the sound from the speakers. The technology will be a new breakthrough in the world that can increase the driving fun and can convey the important informations between the motorcycle and the rider.

As quoted of Autoblog, although still in the early stage of development, the program is called the Kanjo Engine (Emotion Engine). The system aims to be able to understand and react to the motorcycle rider' speech and will learn a rider's skill level, individual riding style, and motorcycle experience. The AI system will also offer riders with suggestions for a safer, more enjoyable ride. 

In addition, by using the electronic system, motorbike setting can be changed, adjust the riding skill and style. It can be said, that motorists will not have to adapt to a motorcycle, but the motorcycle who adapts to the rider characters.

Very pleasant when will technology from Kawasaki can steer the rider if going too fast or doing the driving behavior that does not comply with the rules. Moreover, if the motorcycle can be adjusted according to the whim of its rider. One motorcycle can accommodate a variety of needs. That's cool isn't!

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