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Friday, June 3, 2016

The US military was trying to make the stealth motorcycles

The US military is currently preparing the motorcycles that will be used as a means of transport with a future stealth technology specifically for the army, and can run with the electricity, gasoline up to the olive oil.

The US military reesearch institute named Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA has demonstrated the project results which have supported and funded by them to create the next generation of stealth motorcycles. The motorcycles was SilentHawk made by Logos Technologies and Nightmare by LSA Autonomy both have been funded by this institution.
The SilentHawk prototypes made by Virginia-based Logos Technologies shown at the National Defense Industrial Association's Special Operations Forces Industry Conference in Tampa. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1afnsd)
Two prototypes of advanced motorcycle has been performed at Special Operations Industry Conference in Tampa, Florida, USA, which was organized by the US National Defense Industrial Association. Both motorcycles have advanced features the hybrid engine with multi-fuel that can accept a variety of fuels ranging from jet fuel up to olive oil.
"If it was gasoline, said that gasoline, or say something else. It will be understood," said Alex Dzwill, engineers from the Logos Technologies, as told the Defence One page is quoted by the Daily Mail, Wednesday, May 25, 2016. When asked if you can run other fuels, such as olive oil, he replied: "Theoretically, yes," said Dzwill.
The Nightmare Stealth bike from LSA Autonomy. The hybrid engine bike would use diesel, gasoline or jet fuel for normal operations. But when it gets closer to the enemy, it would run almost silently on electricity. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1afnsd)
This motorcycle has two modes, 'normal or noisy mode,' and the 'silent mode' that switch the bikes to operate with battery power. This noisy mode has sound of 80 decibels is similar to the sound of vaccum cleaner, while the silent mode has sound of 55 decibels, equal to the conversation in the room. For normal operation, the bike will be fueled by diesel, gasoline or jet fuel. But when approaching the enemy area, the motorcycle will run almost silently with electric power.

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