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Friday, May 13, 2016

The story of Harley-Davidson were swept by the tsunami waves

At first glance the story of Harley-Davidson motorcycle that crossed the Pacific Ocean as far-fetched. However, the story was true. When the tsunami hit Japan in 2011, it also has washed away a 2004 Harley-Davidson Softail Night Train. The motorcycle that is in containers was slammed, swayed and swept away up to thousands of kilometers until stranded at the Haida Gwaii coast in the province of British Colombia, Canada.
Harley-Davidson Tsunami Bike sat on the display at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee as a tribute to the 2011 Tsunami victims in Japan. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1aALTJ)
"This bike was in the containers which were dragged by the wave as far as 4,000 miles (6,400 kilometers) and stranded on an island. The bond rope has been freed. From the plates can be recognized that this motorcycle from Japan," said Bill Davidson, vice president of Harley-Davidson Museum, in a video that sent by Harley Davidson Canada.

Once discovered by an explorer of island, the motorcycle was abandoned for three weeks until finally the representative Harley-Davidson in Canada took it. Before it is taken, the position of the motorcycle has been separated from the container and buried in the sand and sea water.

In the license plate, looked the numbers of 4 28 and the writings in the original Japanese letters. From there they discover the identity of the owner of the motorcycle. Bill continued, when contacted, the owner could not hide his emotions. He said that he had lost three of his family members and possessions in the great disaster.

"Then, we offer to him that we would replace the Harley Davidson motorcycle with new ones. However, he said could not accept it. Then his answer so amazing. He asked that his motorcycle was kept in the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee as a tribute to the tsunami victims," said Bill further.
Harley-Davidson immediately respond to the requests of a Japanese man who was not known his identity by making a special display at the museum with the name 'Harley-Davidson Tsunami Bike'.

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