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Monday, May 16, 2016

The latest Suzuki's adventure motorcycle ready to be launched

The renowned Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, Suzuki has confirmed their plan that will launch the latest generation of its flagship adventure motorcycle named Suzuki V-Stroom 1000GT in Australia. This Grand Tourer (GT) version is a development which is done by Suzuki to meet the needs of motorcycles are able to bulldoze various characters of roads on several continents. Starting from the extreme to the steep streets.
Suzuki V-Stroom 1000GT. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1aDRvy)
Technically V-Stroom 1000GT has the ability above average compared than its old model. Some of the latest technology designed to give the rider comfort in devouring various fields during the trips. Such as the dual-throttle technology that is capable of responding to the right throttle and suitable to the conditions. There are also three modes of traction control that helps the rider to keep comfortable in a variety of road conditions.

All of motorcycle information can be accessed by the rider through a digital speedometer, such as odometer, tripmeter, gear position, fuel consumption, coolant temperature gauge, and various other information.
Right side view of Suzuki V-Stroom 1000GT. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1aDRea)
As quoted from Motorbike Writer, Suzuki V-Stroom 1000GT is equipped with the latest windshield has three adjustable of rider height position settings. Front and rear suspension systems have been equipped with rebound damping that make the shocks increasingly refined as it passes through steep rocky road.

It is estimated that the use of twin spar aluminum chassis on the Suzuki V-Stroom 1000 GT made the weighs of adventure ride is much lighter. Suzuki also provide top box and side box as a manufacturer's standard device on the V-Stroom 1000GT.

Suzuki V-Stroom 1000GT powered by a 1,097cc, 90 degree V-twin engine and scheduled to be sold at a price of approximately AUS $19,900 or approx Rp.200 million.

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