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Friday, May 6, 2016

A beauty of tracker-styled motorcycle of Turkish

Modification is certain obligatory to make the motorbike look increasingly different and beautiful than usual. As did by the crews of a Turkish home modifications, Bunker Custom Motorcycles, named Can and Mert Uzer. The brothers' motorbike modifier are not common. However, of the two brothers' cold hands are able to change the appearance of Yamaha XSR700 be so captivating.
Yard Built XSR700 by Bunker Custom Motorcycles. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1Zuugu)
Can and Mert Uzer make changes by carrying the theme of tracker style, the naked view showing all of its big engine veins. And this motorcycle as if ready to devour all terrains, whether it's on the beach, the mountains and other heavy terrains.

"I am very impressed with the work of Can and Mert Uzer on this modification bike," said Cristian Barelli, Marketing Coordinator of Yamaha Motor Europe.

"The important thing for us is that they maintain the toughness and agility of XSR700, which became characteristic of the motorcycle. However, they tuck their own distinctive style, by displaying the latest looks of XSR700," he added.
Right side view of Yard Built XSR700 by Bunker Custom Motorcycles. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1Zuugu)
"We want to really show the Tracker style, which reveals the true freedom. As well as showing the characteristics of the machine which features a light weight, agility, and displays of freedom," said the Uzer brothers.
Left side view of Yard Built XSR700 by Bunker Custom Motorcycles. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1Zuugu)
To make the interpretation of their own tracker style of the Sport Heritage engine, the Bunker Customs changed the sitting position and making the rider position more forward a bit. Next, its ground clearance, also changed thanks to adjust the exhaust design and transform the front wheel into a sized 19-inch and 17 inch rear.

All body panels changed by using pieces of 2 mm aluminum materials, including the fuel tank covers, side panels and front and rear mudguards, radiator cover and seat plate built by their own hands.
But certainly the motorcycle is still carrying the same engine frame like a standard model. Other changes seen in the lights that used the aftermarket components.

Kept spur your adrenaline on the power of two-wheeled monster and stay alive with the true safety riding. God will forgive Your sins.... *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CRUISER]
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