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Friday, February 19, 2016

The weirdest giant motorcycles ever made

Ever wondered what a motorcycle with giant tractor tyres would look like? Creative people do dream of strange world and magnified machines, and some of them actually materialize their dreams into reality. Building and riding a functional giant motorcycle is one heck of a fantasy of all bike enthusiasts across the globe.

If you are also one of them and want to ride one someday, then take a good look at each one of them, you never know when god or the owner grant your wish.

1. A giant tractor engined trike
Despite living as farmers in Brazil, he is creative enough to design a giant motorcycle using the tractor's engine used for plowing his garden. For designing the trike, the farmer's name unknown course should design the chassis and a special order to be able to put a large-sized tractor engine.
Brazilian farmer builds the biggest trike ever. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1X6WOE)
Through these dimensions, adjustments would need to be done, one by using a big tires are also taken from the tractor. Uniquely, the front suspension system in addition to using a special design, also added four suspensions are used for shock absorbers system as a result of the use of large tires. As quoted from SpeedSociety, to be able to drive this giant trike is quite simply using a medium-sized handlebars designed to suit the rider and facilitate the control while driving.
Unfortunately, there is no technical data of tractor engine used on the giant trike. But from the video footage, the unique tractor engined trike has become the center of attention of many people while driving in the city.

2. A giant T55 tank engined motorbike
A group of motorcycle enthusiasts named Harzer Bike-Schmiede headed by Tilo Niebel of the former East German's village of Zillah has built a monster bike complete with a sidecar assembled by hand. This giant motorbike has been displayed for the first time at a trade fair in Hamburg, Germany in 2009.
This giant T55 tank engined motorcycle made by a group of motorcycle enthusiasts named Harzer Bike-Schmiede headed by Tilo Niebel, and crowned as the world's heaviest motorbike. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1X6aeL)
Officials from the Guinness World Book of Records recorded the weight of the giant motorcycle was 4,740 kilogram and crowned it as the world's heaviest motorbike. The monster bike is powered by a V12 diesel engine taken from a Russian T55 tanks, while the sidecar was made from the shell of a Russian intermediate-range missile. To control this giant, biker need to learn to use the two-meter long handlebars.
The frame, springs, suspension – all the details collected from military scrap. When the bike makers given a question about where did they get the engine of Soviet tanks, the makers have refused to answer, but said that it was new engine, from the 1986 model. (See the other monstrous motorcycles.) *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | SPEEDSOCIETY | NEATORAMA |
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