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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Voxan aggressive scramblers by Motorieep

France was honored for being able to create a very tempting recipes, whether in the kitchen, the fashion house including in terms of automotive world, especially a custom motorcycles.

To celebrate their 20th anniversary this year and despite the challenge of competing against Japanese, Italian and British manufacturers as well as making it through a pretty deep recession, the company now offer more than just a quirky motorcycle; they’re forging ahead with a super-tech electric bike.
An aggressive Voxan Scramblers by Motorieep. (Picture from: bit.ly/1mHM64V)
For now though we prefer the thump of a hydrocarbon burning motor and the heart of every Voxan is the stunning a 72° 996 cc V-twin designed by racing gurus Sodemo Moteurs.

Henri Pescarolo’s Le Mans LMP1 entries and the BTCC winning Renault Lagunas were powered by Sodemo engines, proving the pedigree.

However, Voxan’s Scrambler in stock trim isn’t exactly gorgeous and doesn’t do its wonderful engine justice. Enter stage left, Pierre from Paris based custom shop Motorieep.
Left side view of Motorieep Voxan Scramblers Custom. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1Z7gTo7)
Pierre did make over, to create a street scramblers and trackers are aggressive, so it looks flashy and draw the eye when walking. In order to get a form of motorcycle unsightly, then Pierre had to sacrifice form a thin fuel tank that can saves 10 liters of gasoline.
Rear side view of Motorieep Voxan Scramblers Custom. (Picture from: bit.ly/1mHM64V)
The engine might look mighty but thanks to shortsighted red tape producers new motorcycles sold in France since 1985 must not exceed 100 hp. Well, to improve the performance of the original engine, Pierre make improvements by removing the internal fuel pump, mounting a new high pressure version with adjustable regulator just below the tank.

The use of a new version of adjustable high pressure regulator, which is placed at the bottom of the tank, plus the stainless exhaust and as a result, the engine power boosted up to 115 hp. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | MOTORIEEP | THEBIKESHED]
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