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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Chimera person have two DNA or Blood-type

The world's science evolving continue to amaze us with new things that previously seemed strange and impossible. One of them is an invention of  human chimera; a rare condition when a person can have two DNA or blood type.
The couple feared there had been a mix up at the fertility clinic. (Picture from: http://ind.pn/1LuFnn3)
Recent cases of human chimera pretty much get the media spotlight since there are a couple from the United States who have biological children with different DNA from the parents. In that case the child has a twin DNA of the father who had died in the womb.

Human chimera condition occurs when the fetus absorbs twin cells that die within the womb. This makes the fetus has a 'ghost' DNA of the twin who was never born. This phenomenon eventually makes a person has a unique DNA or condition but is often not realized.

The double DNA and strange situation itself is actually quite common in animals. However, during this chimera of the human condition is still relatively rare. Given this case, scientists suspect actually has been pretty much a human chimera cases but not realized.

In some cases there are people who have two blood types. There are also people who have different genitalia of the other organs in his body. A female human chimera may also have different DNA in blood cells by the ovaries.

This strange condition may occur in the fetus is contained as a twin or triplets. It may be that we, too, is a chimera, but never realized because this condition can only be known through the test. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | INDEPENDENT]
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