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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

These fruits can kill the cancer quickly

This incredible news quickly spread throughout the world and gives great hope for millions of people. The scientists managed to find an anti-cancer drug that is natural and effective. This discovery occurred by an accident. Whatever it is, of course, these findings are very encouraging.
Australian scientists on verge of cancer cure with cancer fighting berry. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1KfkMCy)
The scientists discovered that these fruits can kill tumor carcinogen by using the drug EBC-46  is made from the seeds of the fruit of Blushwood plant (Hylandia Dockrillii). The fruit of this plant can kill many types of cancer very quickly. Even from 75 percent of cases, the cancer is known never be back.
Blushwood (pictured) is the plant where the cancer fighting berries are sourced. Scientists from an experimental drug produced by the seeds of the plant have been used to cure cancer tumors in pre clinical trials. (Picture from: http://dailym.ai/1pgPO0x)
Blushwood plant is a very rare that can only be grown in certain areas in the northern part of Australia. This invention is obtained from the results of the study for eight years by a group of scientists from QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane, Australia. The study was led by Dr. Glen Boyle.
The study led by Dr Glen Boyle (pictured) found a single injection of the drug EBC-46 led to rapid breakdown of a range of tumors which could be effective in human patients. (Picture from: http://dailym.ai/1pgPO0x)
EBC-46 is a compound extracted from the fruit of the Blushwood plant, and has so far been used in 300 animals, including cats, dogs and horses. No side effects, but that makes scientists are amazed how quickly compound these pieces work. Drugs of this fruit reacts in just five minutes and the tumor disappeared within a few days.
EBC-46 (pictured) is the compound extracted from the berry of the Blushwood tree which is found in Far North Queensland. (Picture from: http://dailym.ai/1pgPO0x)
"This compound works by three basic ways to kill tumor cells directly, cutting off blood supply and also activates the immune system to clean up the mess left behind. The surprising thing for us and it was very rare to encounter is the speed of this happening," said Dr Boyle.
Dr Boyle hopes, the fruit compound is only used for tumors that can be accessed through direct injection. But this would not be an effective treatment for metastatic cancer types, therefore, be accompanied by chemotherapy and radiation treatment. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DAILY MAIL]
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