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Friday, September 25, 2015

A fantastic new Husqvarna Supermoto bike

Not only exist in the world of motocross, Husqvarna also recently released their latest product in supermoto class called 'FS450.' With all the features of, the motorcycle is fairly ready lauched in the off-road track.
Husqvarna FS450. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1QKqXRw)
Husqvarna FS450 uses an SOHC, 1 cylinder engine with a capacity of 499.9 cc. This new engine now has a size that is 23 mm shorter, 23 mm narrower and 9 mm lower. With various revisions in the machine's innards, now the machine becomes 1.8 kg lighter ie 27.8 kg. The cylinder head also becomes 350 grams lighter and supported more compact design of the crankcase.

In the transmission sector, this bike features a slipper clutch which named Adler Power Torque Clutch (APTC). With the 5-speed transmission, its gearbox was 350 grams lighter than the previous generation and works supported from Magura's hydraulic clutch system.
Right side view of Husqvarna FS450. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1QKqXRw)
A motorcycle that can give power to 63 hp has the subframe framework made of a mixture of carbon fiber as much as 30 percent. Also lighter weight of 1 kg from the previous generation.

Husqvarna FS450 has the Engine Management System (EMS) which is smaller and lighter, with a 44 mm throttle body from Keihin. Also addressed the combustion chamber to produce optimum performance.
Rear side view of Husqvarna FS450. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1QKqXRw)
Of the legs, this supermoto bike is supported by suspension from WP adjustable suspension with the front uses up-side down shock-absorber with diameter of 48 mm. For braking, entrusted to Brembo 4-piston calipers front brake discs with a diameter of 330 mm, while in the back uses single-piston calipers with 220 mm discs diameter.
For the wheels, the front using 17 inch rims wrapped with the 125/80 Bridgestone Battlax tire and while in the back uses 16.5-inch rim with the 165/65 tire. Not to forget, there is also a map feature and launch control switch.

Kept spur your adrenaline on the power of the two-wheeled monster and stay alive with true safety riding. May God will forgive Your sins and so does the cops...... *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | MOTORCYCLENEWS]
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