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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

At the double stars planet, the plants could be black

Could there be a black plants? The answer is yes. In the red planet is possible where the vegetation is grayish or black. Colors are not familiar we encountered in the plants vegetation on the Earth.
Twilight skies will be decorated by two suns when the Earth's star is Kepler 35. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1GYkPRm)
Researcher Jack O'Malley-James of the University of St Andrews in Scotland working on a research about the process of photosynthesis that takes place on the plants that affected by the color light shone.

On the Earth, most plants are green in order to adapt to the sun light golden yellow, received at the surface of the planet. However, based on his research, the planets are applying two stars with different colors of the sun, the plants can be gray, even black. "In order to absorb more energy and strengthen the process of photosynthesis," he said.
Black plants thrive under two "suns" in an illustration created by the scientists. (PIcture from: http://bit.ly/1F54EEd)
This research will also open horizons number of combinations and variations in the star and the potential sustainability of life on planets orbiting them.

Not only the color elements that influence. "For planets orbiting two stars or more, harmful radiation from intense light can make the plant creates sort of its own sunscreen to block out the ultraviolet light," said O'Malley-James.

The National Geographic also has a report on what alien plant life might be like. The article says astrobiologist Jane Greaves of the University of St. Andrews says alien plants might even move or "shrink under a rock" to avoid radiation from solar flares.. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | SCIENCE, SPACE ROBOTS | NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC]
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