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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Does Honda SFA 150 Concept will be produced?

After being showcased by Honda at the 2014 Indonesia Motor Show (IMOS) in October 2014, and also at the Osaka Motorcycle Show 2015, the Honda SFA 150 Concept will be back on display. The motorcycle concept appearances is also no change at all. Therefore the question arises whether Honda intends to mass produce the Honda SFA 150 Concept in the near future, although there has been no official statement from the Japanese manufacturer.
Honda SFA 150 Concept at the 2014 Indonesia Motor Show. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1GY0lqM)
Questions about the planned mass production of Honda SFA 150 Concept burst, after there was an indication that Honda intend to work on this concept motorcycle seriously. The only thing that can be considered as Honda's official statement is they want to work on the light streetfighter motorcycle, which uses a single-cylinder engine which mounted on the trellis frame.
Left side view of Honda SFA 150 Concept. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1BrJQP5)
If Honda does intend to produce this streetfighter motorcycle, means Japanese manufacturers should consider carefully. When introduced in the 2014 IMOS, Honda SFA 150 Concept carrying similar engine to the Honda CB150R, the model is not sold in the European market. And that's where a segment dominated by Yamaha MT-125 and KTM Duke, which proved more attractive for consumers.
Rear side view of Honda SFA 150 Concept. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1GY0lqM)
If the motorcycle concept will be mass-produced, the main obstacle is the sale price problem. For being in the streetfighter motorcycle segment, Honda SFA 150 Concept certainly targeting to the youth market, because the model and features that carried. However, young people usually have limited funds, so that Honda should recalculate the selling price if it be mass produced.

With a model that looks futuristic, can be ascertained if the selling price of Honda SFA 150 Concept is not going to be cheap. Therefore, until now Honda is still not sure whether they will continue the idea. But, if it is mass produced, it would be a pretty good addition to the Honda.
Small engined motorcycle is quite popular and was able to gain more profit to the company. But, if Honda SFA 150 Concept going into the production line, it stands to reason that there are some features will be trimmed to fit the selling price.

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