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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mysterious signal emanating from outer space

Humans have long been scanning the sky, searching for radio signals that might come from an alien or intelligent beings far beyond Earth.

And recently scientists from Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia managed to capture the alien radio signals emitted in the air in real time. The first time in the world.
One possible theory is the fast radio burst was the result of an exploding star. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1BZnHMm)
Previously, indeed, there were 9 beam radio signals from space since 2007. However, it is known from existing data, not observed directly.

Emily Petroff, a principal investigator, said the findings produced it brings astronomers a step closer to understanding the strange cosmic phenomenon that has long puzzled scientists make.

"A burst of radio signals did not last long, just a wink of the eye. That's what makes these findings are very interesting," he said quoted by News.com.au.

"Because we were able to catch the signal directly, rather than the review of existing data, we can reveal that the incident radiation caused more than 2 percent of circularly polarized. And it shows that there is a strong magnetic field near the source of the signal.

Circular or circular shape of the wave has never been seen before. Foreign. Unlike on Earth.

The origin of the signal is still mysterious. However, scientists believe, whatever it is, must be the source large, powerful, and a distance of 5.5 billion light years from humans.

"There are two models that are considered to explain the phenomenon," he said.

The first model, it could be the result of whole or explosion of a star in one galaxy. "Another model shows, the signal was coming from some burning energy of the neutron star." Neutron star is the final phase of the life cycle of a big star.

However, Petroff said, it could be both turned out to be wrong. "It could be a signal that comes from an entirely different source." Alien signal? Scientists have not found the answer.

Petroff said, the observation signals carried through Parkes Telescope - a 64-meter diameter parabolic dish used for radio astronomy in New South Wales.

"In this project we direct the telescope to the location where the beam before - which is known from the study of data - come," he said. "Very interesting encounter a similar incident near the source of the first."

Once the signal is recorded, directing project teams in 12 other existing telescopes around the world to the point of origin of the signal. "However, none have met the other beam."
The Parkes Telescope in New South Wales made the discovery. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1BZnHMm)
Earlier, in 2010, a strange message sent Voyager 2 unmanned aircraft belonging to the United States, which was launched August 20, 1977. The data that is sent from a distance of 8.6 billion miles it unreadable.

Speculation was rampant. Allegations of the spacecraft hijacked by aliens that sends a reply NASA message. As is known, according to Stephen Hawking, an astrophysicist said, that NASA ever send signals into space in the form of a song from the legendary pop group, The Beatles  titled "Across the Universe".

Meanwhile, in 2013, its twin brother Voyager 1 has been left Heliosphere - a bubble in outer space that is "blown" in the interstellar medium by the solar wind. Then became the farthest (man-made) object which had been leave the Earth. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | NEWS.COM.AU]
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