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Monday, September 15, 2014

The latest model of Matchless motorcycle

The one of British legendary motorcycle brands, Matchless, ready to be born again with the first performance in the new era. After Malenotti family purchased the company in 2012, this brand started to squirm, although they had started in the fashion lane.

As it is known that Franco Malenotti is a successful entrepreneur and fashion designer. And the 'Matchless' name was borrowed as a clothing brand that is currently widely used by world's celebrities. Now, the brand is ready with a new motorcycle design of the Mallenoti scratches which collaborated with the motorcycle design team.
The classic 1929 Matchless Model X that inspired the newest Model X Reloaded. (PIcture from: http://bit.ly/1sUQMEc)
The figure of this new bike will perform at the EICMA, Milan, later this year. Not only appear, Matchless also will celebrate the 115th of brand anniversary. Motorcycle that will be displayed is the Model X Reloaded, which is inspired from the Model X which produced 80 years ago.
One of two varians of the Matchless Model X Reloaded. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1q5Y4iG)
The motorcycle appearance reflects the combination spirit of old style and new models. Outline design of the 1929 Matchless Model X was maintained, then paired with a modern style on the engine and accessories.
One of two varians of the Matchless Model X Reloaded. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/1q5Y4iG)
The engine that will use in this bike is the 1,916 cc S&S V-Twin, injection with a compression ratio of 9.75 : 1. The engine also coupled with a 6-speed transmission system. The front suspension is quite unique with hydraulic type. While there are two rear shock absorbers, i.e under the engine and under the seat.

Interestingly, this model can be tuned with a wide range of driving positions. For example, the saddle can be set to different heights. Its footrest can also be adapted to the driving style. While its wheels using the size of 130/90-16 in front and 200/55-17 for the rear, while the height and tilt of the handlebars can also be adjusted. 

The frame is allegedly made from “multiple sheet metal”, and it also serves as an oil reservoir. Finally, one more mind-boggling detail: the front brake is a single-disc system, apparently squeezed by a single 12-piston caliper, as opposed to the 6-pot unit doing the same job in the rear. No price was announced, but real photos and more details are expected soon. Wanna to try it? *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AUTOEVOLUTION]
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