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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The biggest Dinosaur fossil ever found

A dinosaur fossil found in Southern Argentina. The fossil is believed belong to the biggest dinosaur ever found at this time.
The new dinosaur is a type of sauropod similar to Argentinosaurus, illustrated here. (Picture from: http://bbc.in/1nYM7xp)
"It was the biggest one ever found," said Ruben Cuneo, Director Feruglio Museum in Trelew, the fossil discovery announced on Friday, May 16, 2014, as published in The Guardian on Saturday, May 17, 2014.

The scientists believe the giant dinosaur is including in titanosaur, herbivore or plant-eating dinosaur that lived 90 million years ago, during the last stage of dinosaurs life era. Its length of 40 meters, 20 meters of heigh.
Fossilised bones of a dinosaur believed to be the largest creature ever to walk the Earth have been unearthed in Argentina, palaeontologists say.. (Picture from: http://bbc.in/1nYM7xp)
"With such a large bone size, we believe this is the largest animal ever to be on Earth," said one researcher told the BBC. "The length from head to tail 40 meters. Height of 20 meters, the same as the 7-stories building."
A film crew from the BBC Natural History Unit was there to capture the moment the scientists realised exactly how big their discovery was.. (Picture from: http://bbc.in/1nYM7xp)
Latest dinosaur were found is believed to have weighed more than 7 tons of the largest dinosaur previously found, the Argentinosaurus. Approximately titanosaur weight was about 100 tonnes, equivalent to the weight of 14 adult African elephants. "This complete framework is found by a farmer in a residential area of ​​El Sombrero (Patagonia, Argentina)," said Ruben.

Although other scientists agreed frameworks are derived from the largest species, but Paul Barrett who is an expert in the field of science dinosaurs from the Museum of London stated, it must be confirmed by measurements using other methods. "There are several other methods to measure the approximate size and weight of a dinosaur, so I think this can not be ascertained (how big and heavy)," said Paul. 

Europe's largest dinosaur fossil 
The discovery of dinosaur fossils recently also found in Portugal, in March 2014 ago. Fossil bones of dinosaurs was lifted from a ravine in Praia da Vermelha in northern Lisbon.  

Scientists in Portugal identified the species as the largest predator that ever lived on the European level. Known as Torvosaurus gurneyi, carnivorous creature has an estimated length of 10 meters and a weight of 4 to 5 tons.
Torvosaurus gurneyi in an artist illustration. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/17xqVuS)
This animal is classified as a theropod 2-legged predator that might be expected as a kind of Tyrannosaurus rex. But T. gurneyi life in early times, namely at the end of the Jurassic period, around 150 million years ago.

"We all know about the T. rex but Tyrannosaurus is a different animal," said Prof. Octavio Mateus of the New University of Lisbon, told the BBC.

"Our Dinosaurs are Jurassic. Difference is staggering age of 80 million years. So when T. rex walked the earth, Torvosaurus has become fossilized," said Mateus.. ***. [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | THE GUARDIAN | BBC]
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