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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

One day on this planet just eight hours

The scientists found the planet named Beta Pictoris b, has a faster rotation than the other planets in the solar system. Planet Beta Pictoris b is located outside the solar system is spinning faster than the Earth.

The equatorial rotational velocity is nearly 100,000 kilometers per hour compared to Jupiter, the largest planet and fastest in the solar system that rotates 47,000 kph. And Our Earth spins at 1,700 kph.
An exoplanet orbiting the young star Beta Pictoris, is seen in this artist's rendering. (Picture from: http://reut.rs/RjPP9f)
So one day in the Beta Pictoris lasted eight hours, while 24 hours of Earth and 10 hours in Jupitar. Scientists have found about 1,800 planets outside the solar system. Just a little information about the planet's composition and how long they orbit to their parent stars.

Beta Pictoris b is one of the planets that have been studied. It is a gas planet which located in 63 million light years from Earth. And Beta Pictoris b has a large size, heat, and light. Its size is about 3,000 times larger than the Earth and seven times larger than Jupiter.

It was 20 million years old and still hot due to the process of its formation. For comparison, the Earth 4.5 billion years old. The parent star, Beta Pictoris, an estimated two times larger and 10 times brighter than the Sun.

Beta Pictoris b rotational speed supports the theory of rotational speed is closely related to size: the bigger, the faster. "We need to observe more planets to confirm this is the law of nature," said Ignas Snellen, an astronomy professor at the University of Leiden, as quoted by Reuters.

Beta Pictoris b is located in the southern Pictor constellation and discovered six years ago. The orbit of its parent star is eight times larger than the Earth to the Sun. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | REUTERS]
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