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Friday, April 18, 2014

World's smallest printer

A start up company named Zuta Labs introduces an innovative printer that only fist-sized. This printer can be inserted into a pocket and can be taken anywhere.
The world's smallest printer named Pocket Printer by Zuta Labs. (Picture from: http://www.zutalabs.com/)
This tool is named Pocket Printer, because this printer can be put into your pocket. This portable printer is shaped like a circle that is coupled with a triangle. Only have 10 cm high, 11.5 cm diameter, and weighs only 300 grams.

How to work in the Pocket Printer prints a document is very simple. Simply put this portable printer on paper desired, by itself Pocket Printer prints text line will run as shown in the computer or mobile phone. In a full-page print, the Pocket Printer takes a minute.

Ink that can be used only black ink. This printer is connected to the computer using a mobile device or wireless connectivity. Printer-made Zuta inovatis Labs can be operated with the Android operating system, iOS, Linux, OS X, and Windows. But the resilience of the battery power can only be used for one hour.
Printers that can run itself is not mass-produced and not sold freely. The company is currently negotiating with Kickstarter to ask for donations of funds for mass production printers. The plan, this printer will be released in January 2015. Similarly, as quoted from Daily Mail on Sunday, April 13, 2014. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ZUTA LABS | DAILY MAIL]
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