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Friday, March 21, 2014

Thrive, a hybrid bike proposed for 2015

With the intent to solve the increasing congestion in the cities, reduce the carbon footprints and solve the energy crisis, Michael Luzar envisions about a hybrid motorcycle for 2015. And the motorcycle concept hailed as ‘Thrive’, it runs on petrol and electric motors independently to make your ride clean and green.
Thrive, a hybrid motorcycle concept by Michael Luzar. (Picture from: http://ecofriend.com/)
The motorcycle concept is a hybrid bike, having optional electric motors other than petrol engine and this, of course, solves the problem for those who want to take long distance journeys.
Right side view of Thrive hybrid motorcycle concept. (Picture from: http://ecofriend.com/)
For short distance travel inside the city, the user can rely on electric motors. It’s still hard to rely on batteries for a long distance journey, as the present batteries doesn’t hold enough charge.
Rear three quarter of Thrive hybrid motorcycle concept. (Picture from: http://ecofriend.com/)
Further, the motorcycle is single seat concept, and special attention has been paid to outer looks so that aesthetic aspect could make it more adorable. With majority of its mechanical parts hidden under the outer body, the hybrid bike is made of Carbon fiber and aluminum to keep its weight as less as possible and that will certainly help increase its fuel economy. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | PSIPUNK | ECOFRIEND]
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