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Monday, March 3, 2014

Human's Ear and Nose can be grown back from the Fat tissue

Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London has a dream to be able to recreate the patient's face by using stem cells taken from the patient's own fat tissue. Currently, the doctors team that have managed to grow in soft bone in laboratory experiments and believes this technique can be used to recreate human nose and ears.

It is now hoped that the technique 
could help patients who have been born 
with microtia, which results in the ear 
failing to develop properly, or who have
been in an accident. (Picture from:  
In a publication that published by the Nanomedicine journal, according to experts this technique could be going to change at all treatment procedures for patients. Admittedly there are still many challenges that must be overcome before this goes on, but these findings are considered still "transformative". The doctors want to treat diseases such as microtia, ear where the ear is not fully formed or even missing or deformed shape.

In the treatment procedures are now used, children who have this disorder are usually treated by taking the soft bones of the ribs, which is then carefully implanted by a surgeon that is similar to the form of the ear and planted at the head of the child. This process requires a variety of operations, leaving a scratch on the chest and rib cartilage will not grow again.

Then came an alternative - where a small fat tissue taken from the boy and then the stem cells will be formed from the network. An order to "hollow" in the slurry will be placed in the stem cells that later formed ears as desired. Also added chemicals used to flex in order to turn stem cells into cartilage cells.

After this the cells can be implanted into the skin so that the child has normal ears. So far experts have successfully formed cartilage in the hollow frame, but still needed before the test can be used safely in patients. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | BBC | DAILYMAIL]
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