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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Seeing the RoboCop new rides

2014 RoboCop
Maybe you remembered the RoboCop, a Detroit's cyborg police officer that ever famous in the late 1980s. Well, on this year the Hollywood has prepared its remake. In fact, video and photos of the filming process has been spread across the internet.

In the film which created under the direction of Jose Padilha's, the RoboCop movie recreated with the future setting, precisely in the year of 2028. He also comming with a new twist, the Robocop character that played by Joel Kinnaman look more fresh with a new costume design.

RoboCop saves Detroit on 
new bike. (Picture from:
If previously RoboCop known as the silver or metallic gray costume style, this time he will be appear with the all-matte black modern armor suit with more fashionable helmet design.

Not just the new costume, if previously he used the car as his primary vehicle, this time the new RoboCop will be ride a motorcycle.

It's hard to know what machine that drive a new RoboCop motorcycle. According to Ride Apart site, by looking at the front brakes and the front forks we can see the new rides of RoboCop was the Kawasaki Z1000.
The rather "strange" design of RoboCop new rides. (Picture from: http://bonds-gallery.com/)
That's a great choice for a police bike, its 1,043 cc engine outputs 136.1 horsepower with 81 foot pounds of torque and weighs in at 480 pounds (217.72 kg).
RoboCop motorcycles riding position is less comfortable. (Picture from: http://themanden.net/)
From its looks, the new RoboCop motorcycle was a bit odd and less cool. The design basically uses the full-fairing sport style. Customized to look like an futuristic police interceptor, the fairings have been redesigned to give an aggressive look that matches RoboCop’s armor as well. The tail seat section of the motorcycle looks like something off a modern jet fighter. The most bizarre and somewhat less in proportion is, the position of the footrest that placed at the end of the rear swing arm.
And the most coolest part was a pair of red eyebrow design that extends over a pair of headlights on each side of the fairing. Also the police's red-blue strobe light installed to fused in the side fairing. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DREAD CENTRAL | RIDE APART]
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