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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Roger Allmond's Beauty Custom Bike

You may be amazed when you first saw this custom motorcycle. Although it has been long, but I think it's a very beautiful motorcycle that ever built.
Roger Allmond's Triumph Rocket III. (Picture from: http://www.motorcyclenews.com/)
This beautiful motorcycle was built by the famous British modifier, Roger Allmond and was first performed on 2008 NEC Birmingham motor show. This Roger Allmond’s Triumph Rocket III concept bike commisioned by Bennetts Insurance. This 2.3L Triumph 3-cylinder powered bike borrows the Triumph Rocket III’s motor.
Right side view of Roger Allmond's Triumph Rocket III. (Picture from: http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/)
It took Allmond nearly 6 months to complete the project which takes an otherwise mild-mannered cruiser into an exercise of eye-catching design work. The Rocket III concept sports an aluminium frame, wheel-hubs and spokes, and single-sided tubular front suspension/steering setup…all hand made by Allmond.
Left side view of Roger Allmond's Triumph Rocket III. (Picture from: http://www.speedzilla.com/)
The only outside sourced parts were the carbon fibre wheel rims made by Dymag to Roger’s specification (or so says the press release, but those look like Pazzo or CRG levers to me on the brake and clutch controls).
Rear three quarter of Roger Allmond's Triumph Rocket III. (Picture from: http://www.speedzilla.com/)
Closer inspection sees a radiator that has been mated to fit perfectly into the aluminum spar frame. The wheel construction is also worth mentioning since Allmond had to mate his custom single-sided aluminum hubs to the Dymag wheel rims.
Looking at the rear swingarm, we see that the rear brake is located at the counter-shaft of the motor, running in the same parallel plane as the crankshaft, as opposed to being perpendicularly mounted on the swingarm, in parallel with the rotation of the wheel as on most bikes.. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | KNEESLIDER | GREASE N GASOLINE | MCN]
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