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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our 2000th Posts: Weird Alien Motorcycle

Modified motorcycle has now become penchant of the young people today who want to be different. Start of replacing the hendlebar, exhaust, fuel tank even replace the entire body design of the bike so that the original form of the motorcycle to be lost, the result is a motorcycle with a unique and attractive appearance in accordance with the wishes of the owner.
Stunning alien predator-themed motorcycle. (Picture from: http://www.inewidea.com/)
In fact there are some results that look unusual modification as a motorcycle, two-wheeler that was made to resemble the figure of an animal or maybe a monster in the world of cinema. One example is a modified motorcycle from Bangkok, Thailand.
Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn imagined what a baby of Alien and Predator would look like and built this motorcycle, a hybrid between the two alien races. (Picture from: http://izismile.com/)
This weird alien-themed motorcycle was made by a modifier named Roongrojna Sangwongprisarn, he managed to turn the bike into a frightening look like an alien is ready to devour anyone is in front of him and it was inspired by 'Alien VS Predator' movie. He also known to have four modifications house throughout Thailand. His workshop called Ko Art Sopini, even a few modifications have been able to export abroad..
The bike's theme was inspired by 'Alien VS Predator' movie. (Picture from: http://www.inewidea.com/)
Roongrojna modify the bike by using a wide variety of metal taken from recycled materials then form patterns and combine them into an alien figure attached to the entire body of his beloved motorcycle.
Handmade Stunning Alien Predator-themed Motorcycle. (Picture from: http://pelfind.com/)
From the front of the bike looks the elevation of the mud suspension and remove the cover. This was done in order to provide a larger space on the headlamp, which is formed to resemble the head of a predator monster..

While in the motorcycle tank wrapped like an alien body, from the abdomen and hand. This one-seater bike also has a foot shaped foot footstep predators that connected the
predator tail section.

But unfortunately this motorcycle modification results can only be ridden by one person, because if you observe in the back seat motor replaced with a bicycle saddle is visible as a taper shaped of alien's tail that certainly made ​​not to sit on. :) *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | INEWIDEA | REUTERS]
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