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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Aggressive looks with classical Soul

Polaris Industries as a licensee of the production of the American legendary motorcycles, Indian Motorcycle, now featuring a new motorcycle model which is prepared as one of their ultimate weapons in 2014. The model is the Big Chief Custom, which is a differentiation of the Indian Chief Classic model, with more younger and wilder face with the classical heart and soul, but it looks much more aggressive.
Indian Motorcycles Big Chief Custom. (Picture from: http://bikersbullseye.com/)

This bike is projected to be a bridge for Polaris to restore the glory of Indian that has estabilished since the early 1900s. The design team led by Greg Brew was given task to manipulate this model, with the aim of showing to consumers about the Polaris's accessories support, also confirms that the Indian Chief Classic easily to modified.

The most obvious characteristic is the appearance of the aluminum wrap on the front fork that returns the Indian in "Springfield" era. This fork combined with a custom 23-inch rims and fenders that almost cover all tires like the old style. Shock absorbers and headlights that complements the front of the motorcycle to appear with a more aggressive looks.
Right side view of Indian Motorcycles Big Chief Custom. (Picture from: http://www.motorcycledaily.com/)
The use of multi-color paint with a modern style on the motorcycle done by the Polaris team that led by Steve Leszinski. Then, add the single-seat which converted of a springer seat model. By doing so, such as a floating seat, and at rear end as one with fenders, sights that were encountered before the Indian develop a form of motorcycle with the rear suspension in 1939.
If it is still lacking, the designer offered back lid, rear fender tip, and chrome handlebars. More appealing when the exhaust is replaced with the older tip models such as fish tale. Big Chief Custom introduced to the market in 2014 to accompany the line-up such as Chief Classic, Chief Vintage, and Chieftain. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | POLARIS INDUSTRIES | BIKERS BULLSEYE]
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