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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Universe destruction risk predicted more devastating

This universe is mortal alias not eternal. It was also the result of the study obtained by physicists in Denmark, even according to them the universe we live in has turned out to be more bigger risk than previously thought.
The universe includes all the planets, stars, galaxies, matter and energy. And one day, it’s all going to come crashing down. (Picture from: http://www.ibtimes.com/)
The scientists did not predict the exact time when it will happen, could be tomorrow or billions of years from now. However, from the results of mathematical calculations of the physicists from the University of Southern Denmark, said there will be changes suddenly and dramatically in the universe that someday will make every atom becomes very heavy.

"Now we have made the calculations more precise, and we see two things. Firstly, the universe is likely to be destroyed, and the destruction it has a probability greater than predicted earlier calculations," said Jens Frederik Codling Krog, one of the researchers from the University of Southern Denmark, as reported by VOA News.

Reported in the Journal of High Energy Physics, they declared all things ranging from grains to the planets in the solar system and galaxies that exist in the universe, would suddenly become billions of times heavier than now.

Big Bang theory says the universe expanded from a very solid condition and the heat and continue to expand now. The theory states that an increase in weight will suddenly force all matter in the universe compressed into "very heavy and hot small ball" that will lead to the end of the universe - a condition called transition phase. "Lots of theories and calculations predict that phase, but there is uncertainty in the calculations," he continued.

He said that the phase can be started at any point in the universe and then spread throughout the universe. "Maybe the destruction it has already begun at a point and is currently spreading. Or maybe it will start far from here in a billion years. We do not know," he continued.

Terms of occurrence of such phases, according to scientists, that the universe contains all the known fundamental particles, including the Higgs-Boson. But if the universe also contains particles that have not been discovered, the whole idea is to predict the change is lost. "If it happens destruction can be canceled," said Krog. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES| INTERNATIONAL BUSSINESS TIMES | HALYARD CONSULTING]
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