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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The world's biggest road legal motorcycle

Record for motorcycle that has a big size may have been many, but this one even has a size not too big but bravely claims to be the biggest road legal motorcycle that still can be ridden on the streets. Gunbus 410 is a motorcycle manufactured by Leonhardt Manufacturing in Eppingen, Germany who led by Clemens Leonhardt's like a quotation from the Motorcycle, even though it has a big body, turned out have successfully passed all the rigorous testing procedures in Germany to be used legally on the highways.
The Leonhardt Gunbus 410. (Picture from: http://www.trendhunter.com/)
Quite intriguing indeed if we imagine driving with a motor that has an overall length of 3.35 meters, the length of which is about the same as a mini MPV. Motorcycle are supported by the Rigdon tires, whose actually specially used by Boeing 746 aircraft with a size of 38 x 11 inches in the front and rear tires 42 x 15 inches, and will make the rider look like a dwarf who was riding a giant motorcycle.
Front right side view of Leonhardt Gunbus 410. (Picture from: http://rideapart.com/)
Despite having a large body size, but the seats height is made as low as possible in order to stay within easy reach (the distance between the seat onto the ground is still fairly reasonable at 31.5 inches), even though ride the giant motorcycle but the rider feet still can tread on the Earth.
Left side view of Leonhardt Gunbus 410. (Picture from: http://theawesomer.com/)
As for the engine, the motorcycle is carrying the V-Twin configuration with the engine capacity of 410 cubic inches as the name implies, or equivalent to 6,728 cc. This machine is capable of spewing power up to 350 hp and the speed is limited 'only' to 150 mph or 241.4 kph.
The Leonhardt Gunbus 410 is absolutely massive. (Picture from: http://rideapart.com/)
With such capabilities, it is no wonder that Leonhardt also equip this bike with three sets of brake discs measuring 310 mm. The transmission of Gunbus 410 is only three i.e, two forward and one reverse. The Motorcycle price tag is U.S. $350 thousand, or about Rp. 4 billion. Quite expensive indeed..!
If you feel the specification above is still lacking, Leonhardt also provides a larger engine which is a 502-inch sized. And off course the engine would generate more crazy power than Gunbus 410. Are you interested to have it? *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | LEONHARDT | MOTORCYCLE] 
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