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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Gates of Hell was found

Italian archaeologists found the "Gates of Hell" in parts of Turkey called Pamukkale. The Hell Gate was allegedly used by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a place to hold ritual offerings to the god of the land.
A digital illustration shows the ancient Plutonium, celebrated as the portal to the underworld in Greco-Roman mythology. (Picture from: http://news.discovery.com/)
Understanding the Gates of Hell certainly not a gateway to hell. This gate is a true cave, sometimes also called the "Gate of Pluto". Goa is a part of the ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

Hell Gate was discovered by Francesco D'Andria, professor of classical archeology at the University of Salento, Italy. Goa was called the Gates of Hell because of the poisonous gas that comes out of it, resulting in the death of the animals were trapped.
Known as Pluto's Gate -- Ploutonion in Greek, Plutonium in Latin -- the long sought cave was found by Italian archaeologists in the ancient Phrygian city of Hierapolis, now called Pamukkale. Featuring a vast array of abandoned broken ruins, possibly the result of earthquakes, the site revealed more ruins once it was excavated. (Picture from: http://news.discovery.com/)
The nature of the poison gas that comes out of the cave had been recorded by ancient Greek geographer, Strabo (64 BC - 24 AD). "Goa is full of water vapor and concentrated so that everyone will be very difficult to see the surface of the cave. Every animal that goes into it will die quickly," wrote Strabo.
The archaeologists found the remains of a temple, a pool and a series of steps placed above the cave -- all matching the descriptions of the site in ancient sources. (Picture from: http://news.discovery.com/)
"I threw a sparrow into the cave, and in a short time the bird was out of breath and died," wrote Strabo describes how he proved the toxic nature of the gas Gates of Hell.
The archaeologists could see the cave's lethal properties during the excavation. Several birds died as they tried to get close to the warm opening, instantly killed by the carbon dioxide flumes. (Picture from: http://news.discovery.com/)
D'Andria itself proves that gate toxicity when excavation. Many birds die when they are moving toward the cave. They were killed by a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the cave.

Once, only the eunuchs of Cybele, the ancient goddess of fertility, which can enter the gate. The eunuchs hold your breath as much as possible so as not inhaling toxic gases from the Gates of Hell.

D'Andria find the Gates of Hell after running intensive archaeological research in the area of ​​heritage Hierapolis. Founded in 190 BC by Eumenes II, King of Pergamum, Hierapolis submitted to Rome in 130 BC.

Heritage Region is located in the city of Hierapolis Phrygia, adjacent to Anatolia. The complex has many temples, stage, and hot water baths are considered sacred, which is believed to have the power of healing diseases.

As quoted by Discovery, Friday (29/03/2013), D'Andria said, "We found Plutonium (gate) to reconstruct the routes of the hot springs. Yeah, Pamukkale hot springs that produce white travertine terrace sourced from this cave."

Along with this discovery, D'Andria also found ruins that may occur due to the earthquake. There is also a buffer of semi column Ionic, a foothold in the cave, as well as inscriptions mark underground cult god, Pluto and Kore. The findings fit the description of the location document sharing.

Gates of Hell is a place to hold rite. The ritual includes a procession led animal approached the gate and pulled up into it and die. This ritual can be seen past the public.

"People could see that sacred ritual of the stairs, but they can not get closer to the area near the mouth of the cave. Only the religious leaders who can stand in front of the portal," said D'Andria. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DISCOVERY]
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