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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The World first Digital Superbike

The MotoCzysz E1pc is all set to race in the TTXGP, which is scheduled for the 12th of June, at the Isle of Man. ‘In less than 24 hours I leave to go to the biggest race of my life, not because it is the largest, not because it is the fastest but because it will be the first time a MotoCzysz motorcycle will compete in an FIM sanctioned event,’ says Michael Czysz on his blog.
The MotoCzysz E1pc 'digital superbike' shows the way ahead for high performance battery-powered motorcycles. (Picture from: http://motoczysz.com/)
With its lithium-ion battery packs and three electric motors, the MotoCzysz E1pc ‘digital superbike’ can accelerate from zero to 192km/h in around 7-8 seconds, which really is quite phenomenal.
MotoCzysz-E1pc Digital Superbike - dash closeup. (Picture from: http://thekneeslider.com/)
"A motorcycle that is unlike anything I have ever ridden. No gas, no oil, no clutch, no need to even warm up the engine – no engine. Gone is the age old ritual of rhythmical throttle blips that can audible seduce a motorcyclist into a pre ride trance – now your bike waits for you. Enter what may be the next big thing in motorcycles; invisible, nearly silent and magically linear power," says Mr Czysz.
MotoCzysz-E1pc Digital Superbike. (Picture from: http://thekneeslider.com/)
MotoCzysz E1pc electric superbike uses iPhone for dashboardWe must say we are intrigued by the MotoCzysz E1pc. It looks good, goes fast and even sounds cool… in a different sort of way.

"The digital superbike, like your computer, has ‘open architecture’ and can be upgraded and reconfigured. This is definitely an industry first and may be a major paradigm shift in the way people buy and own motorcycles," says Michael. Hmm… maybe the future of fast motorcycles is not going to be so bad after all…! *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | KNEESLIDER | BIKERZBAY.COM | MOTOCZYSZ]
Note: This blog can be accessed via your smart phone.
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