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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Supercharger Concept Bike

Ernst Henne’s Supercharged BMW 
R37. (Picture  from: http://silodrome.com/)
In 1928, Ernst Henne bought BMW R37. Then he thought, it would be nice if the bike is mounted supercharger. Once the idea is realized, then Ernst Henne’s BMW can break 76 records, including being the fastest motorcycle in the world at that time, with a speed of 216.75 kph (or approximately 134 mph).

More than 80 years later, it seems like a similar concept initiated again by Australian designer Tim Cameron. He introduces a graphic concept that is based on the same idea but applied to a modern BMW R1200GS and its boxer engine. Simply dubbed "Supercharger Concept", the model would boast a cool compressor and a displacement increased up to 1,500 cc, making it a pretty impressive machine.

BMW R1200 engine known recalcitrant and powerful. The cruiser model have circulated with R1200GS adventure variants. Performance of the engine makes Cameron tempted to modify to be more powerful with a more sporty body figure.
Supercharger Concept bike. (Picture from: http://future-motorcycles.com/)
Additional compressors need bigger space. Outstanding increase of power and torque always resulting increase of vibration and stress. That’s why Cameron turned the engine to 30 degrees forward allowed the blower to be bolted directly to the engine. Another big problem is the colling system of the engine. Because the engine is covered with the plastic, Cameron has created oil heaters on both sides of the motorcycle and room for the supercharger on the engine.
Tim Cameron's BMW Supercharger R Concept bike. (Picture from: http://future-motorcycles.com/)
This bike is also redesigned with the figure of an aggressive and futuristic. Lines body reflects a combination of modernity, elegance and strength. So, has anybody got an idea of how much power a supercharged 1,500 cc BMW boxer may deliver? 250 hp? 300hp? *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | FUTURE MOTORCYCLES]
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