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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rows of the Unique Motorcycles with V-twin Engine

While browsing on cyberspace, looking at so many sophisticated and powerful motorcycles. From the many motorcycles that I have seen, only a few that caught my attention because of the attractive design, unique and average engine produces tremendous power.

This time my eyes  focused on the row of motorcycles that uses V-twin engine. Usually V-twin engines has meant that the machine can produce great power, produced in limited numbers also gives a typical high-end motorcycle and of course sold at a fantastic price.

Motorcycle that uses a V-twin engine always connected with the American legend motorcycle, Harley Davidson. But the selection of motorcycles below, based on the writer's observation on the unique design and the shape rarity of motorcycles other than the Harley brand. Here are they,

An east coast motorcycle company, Delaware American Motorcycles, aka DAM is bringing out an all new bike. This is the Tech Twin American 13c Delaware. This 13c is a hand built, all American motorcycle. Focusing on the American theme, there will be an initial run of 13 to commemorate the original 13 colonies. With 140 horsepower, this should provide a pretty lively ride.
The DAM Tech Twin American 13c Delaware. (Picture from: http://thekneeslider.com/)
The power of 140 horsepower comes from 127 cubic inch R&R 2 cam V-twin. It features a 6 speed transmission, single sided swingarm, girder fork, oil in frame and dual front disc brakes with Brembo calipers. 18 inch wheels front and back with a 130 tire up front and a 280 in the rear. A stainless steel exhaust is mounted under the chassis. This is my favorite streetfighter bike.

Bajzath Bikes custom motorcycle company based in Hungary has recently been pursuing a range of motorbikes that look up to high end cars for inspiration. The one we are going to talk about here is based on Pagani Zonda F.

Taking the design inspiration of the Pagani Zonda F and making it match so well in a two wheeler; Bajzath Bikes have done a great job in crafting a motorbike that matches the design aesthetics so akin to Zonda F. Just check out the quad-outlet exhaust (not functional though) and the bike’s rims that match the ones found in Italian supercar will surely make it a Pagani Zonda on two wheels.
Bajzath Pagani Bikes. (Picture from: http://www.autochunk.com/)
Body of the Pagani Zonda F motorbike is handcrafted out of carbon fiber and the quilted leather seat matches the upholstery used to embellish the Zonda interior. Other elements of the bike that match the Zonda F car include switch gear and instruments offering the same feel as the luxurious car does.
Bajzath Pagani Bikes. (Picture from: http://www.autochunk.com/)
Bajzath Pagani Bike which is owned by none other than Horacio Pagani himself gets power from 1,340 cc Evolution engine sourced from Harley-Davidson. Engine is fitted meticulously inside the chassis of the motorbike and has nitrous oxide kit to add more aggression to the beast whenever the rider wants. This on-off a kind bike is real monstrosity on two wheels but that’s not Bajzath Bikes is all up to as the builder aims to make motorbikes based on Bugatti Veyron, AC Cobra, Koenigsegg Agera, Lamborghini Aventador… and many other high end cars.

The manufacturer of this exquisite motorcycle, Iconoclast is Ecosse Moto Works, based in US. All the bikes designed under Ecosse Motors will have the same underlying theme of a synergistic combination of innovation, craftsmanship and technology with a nod to the company’s racing influence. There is a small history behind this bike, which goes like this.

Donald Atchison, a road racer cum engineer, now the owner of the company, had a desire to build a super street bike. So, he opened Iconoclast Motorcycle in Denver and sold other brand’s bike side by side. Later losing interest from this, he decided to build his desired bike and make his way this time.
Ecosse Iconoclast series. (Picture from: http://gallery.drivespark.com/)
Currently the company manufactures models like the Heretic, the Iconoclast and the Titanium. The Iconoclast is one such motorcycle, that combines a highly engineered chassis, massive torque, sleek lines, exquisite attention to detail and race bred components. Suspension at the front and the back are Custom Ohlins, fully adjustable forks and rear shock.
Ecosse Iconoclast series. (Picture from: http://www.ballerride.com/)
It is powered by a 2 litre engine that is machined completely out of solid aluminum block that churns out 135 BHP of raw power and 190 NM of torque. The company claims, the bike can do a 0 to 60 mph dash in just 2.8 seconds. The crankshaft is dynamically balanced for lower vibration and CNC ported heads are hand massaged for maximum flow. It has been fitted with special custom racing exhaust machined from solid with ECOSSE logo machined on mufflers. An exhaust duplexer located in the exhaust pipe for maximum torque. For front and rear braking, it has an ISR radial brake system which gets dual 6-piston front brakes with 12 individual brake pads for maximum grip.

4. B O L I D E
Kraus Motor Co prides itself on being a full fabrication custom motorcycle shop with a strong attention to detail, fit and finish. According to Satya Kraus the ‘Bolide’ was designed in the spirit of Tourist Trophy, and was engineered to be a road ready high performance machine. Everything you see has been hand fabricated by Kraus Motor Co.

Many factors must be taken into account to build a chassis like this. Everything starts with the chassis. From forward and rear weight distribution to suspension and braking behavior. The ridability of the motorcycle depends on the combination of the rigid members and the moving parts. The chassis takes the work of the drivetrain, suspension, and brakes and translates it to controllable forward movement.
Bolide from Kraus Motor Co. (Picture from: http://www.krausmotorco.com/)
If this system is not adequately engineered then it will not perform the way it should or worse it will brake down. In contrast, when engineered properly, the chassis will supply the proper framework for a machine that can perform and be trusted by its pilot. The rear suspension on Bolide uses an uncommon design for an American v-twin drivetrain based bike. The mono shock swingarm is a well proven system but is not often used because of the configuration of the transmission, oil bag and swingarm pivot position.
Bolide from Kraus Motor Co. (Picture from: http://www.krausmotorco.com/)
The Bolide is laced up with powerful S&S Shovelhead 93 engine, with Baker Powerbox / BDL Primary Drivetrain. The S&S Shovelhead sits on a Monoshock custom frame with 28 rake built by Kraus Motor Co. The Bolide also features an adjustable telescopic front end with 17-inch Alpina front and rear wheels wrapped with Metzeler tires. A Beringer Dual 6 Piston front and 4 Piston rear brake with floating rotor. Zane Cullen from Cotati Speed Shop did a nice paint job on ‘Bolide’. All the bikes that roll out of Kraus Motor Co are built for great performance and handling. Satya sums up this bike perfectly “Bolide has a classic look, top of the line performance components, and a raw metal finish. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

5. D U U
This motorcycle named Duu was made by CR&S (Cafe Racing and Sport), motorcycle manufacturer based in Milan, Italy. And Duu is to be hand-made and 2011 limited production and sold at a price of around 25,900 U.S. dollars.

Scrutiny of the display, this vehicle combines the typical stocky muscular American naked bike (streetfighter) and European styles. Duu given name - derived from the Italian language - means "Two" which is reflected in the design of the seat (can be for hitchhiking, although small, but can be folded) and engine.
Duu from CR&S (Cafe Racing and Sport). (Picture from: http://bikerscafeblog.com/)
Duu motorcycle was given X-Edge engine 1,916 cc V-Twin that has a maximum power of 95 HP with a torque of 140 Nm from 2,500 to 4,700 rpm. The specialty of the engine made by S&S house modifications to commemorate the 50th birthday, designed each cylinder has two valves stems and three belt to rotate the camshaft (one intake, two exhaust).
Duu from CR&S (Cafe Racing and Sport). (Picture from: http://www.autoevolution.com/)
The structural components are made in carbon and high quality handmade, while the rest are made in VTR, ABS or carbon. The gas tank is divided in two parts: the chassis’ backbone and the seat holder box structure. In addition to this, each new option introduced will be 100% retrofittable on each Duu.
Duu from CR&S (Cafe Racing and Sport). (Picture from: http://www.automotto.com/)
The options list includes a lot of high quality hand-made components, such as the front light, the fake gas tank with storage function, GPS holder and folding windshield (CR&S patent), the passenger comfort seat, the folding passenger back seat, the oil tank with light alloy machined fins, the belly pan, the CR&S light alloy machined from solid wheels, the SBK break disks, the different seat covers, the aluminum filler cap’s cover, different chassis finishes, different graphics and body finishes, and the powertrain finishes.
Duu from CR&S (Cafe Racing and Sport). (Picture from: http://www.automotto.com/)
Both wheels use a very light alloy wheels wrapped in black rubber size. Interestingly, exhaust design is very simple and does not interfere with the impression naked. Then the exhaust tip dual models under the back foot. It could melt shoes. The customizations go as far as even the powertrain color to be chosen and the whole silver touch gives it an exquisite finishing. *** [DAM | BAJZATH BIKES | ECOSSE | KRAUSS MOTOR CO | CR&S | EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES]
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