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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Car-Door Technology

Innovation in car technology is not only about the ability of the engine, comfort, and safety driving. More than that, the car manufacturer has long been developing various doors technologies. Purpose other than to display a four-wheeled vehicles become more attractive, also to get a design that facilitates entry and exit of people.

There are various technologies developed by the manufacturer of the car door, but there are only a few are still popular today. Yet it does not mean the car manufacturer does not innovate anymore. Car manufacturer Ford has introduced the B-MAX which combines technology with a conventional sliding door system of the body without a central pillar to ease access in and out. Here are six technologies that popular outside the door of a conventional design:

1. Butterfly Doors
The automobile manufacturer called this technology by the name of Butterfly Doors that open out because of its design and then up and not sideways as well as conventional designs. Door hinges are placed on the side of the body to produce unique designs like butterfly wings are a beautiful fluffy.
Saleen S7.(Picture from: http://autospotters.com/)
McLaren F1. (Picture from: http://www.thesupercars.org/)
Butterfly design is widely used in high speed sports car, like the Ferrari Enzo, Saleen S7, Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, and McLaren F1. Sports car manufacturer purposely put this door technology to produce an aggressive character and exotic cars.

2. Suicide Doors
As its name suggests this door technology using unique technology room door of the hall. The hinge is placed on the right and left pillars of the car body, so that when open access in and out produces a very wide for the passenger and the driver of the vehicle.
2011 Mazda RX-8. (Picture from: http://otokiralamar10seoogle.blogspot.com/)
Spyker D12. (Picture from: http://www.motorworld.net/)
Designers call it a suicide car doors. This is because the passengers are trying to close the back door as the car drove often fell and was thrown out of the cabin due to movement downwind. It was adopted a number of door technology brands like Opel Meriva, Rolls Royce Phantom, Spyker D12, and 1940 Peugeot 601 and the 2011 Mazda RX-8.

3. Gull-wing Doors
Technology is opening the door like a seagull wing was popularized by German automobile manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz. First introduced in 1952 through a variant of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL racing character, Gull-wing doors directly favored by sports car enthusiasts.
Mercedes-Benz 300 SL. (Picture from: http://www.cargurus.com/)
Gumpert Apollo. (Picture from: http://the-carclub.blogspot.com/)
The design was developed for the door to make the car look more dynamic and exotic so it looks appealing to the eye. But apparently the design gull wing style doors has advantages easily opened when the car is parked in a restricted environment. That's why the design of the seagull doors are also used in car Gumpert Apollo, De-Lorean DMC-12, and Pagani Huayra.

4. Scissor Doors
Italian car company, Lamborghini, is a manufacturer who popularized the concept of Scissor Doors design. With just a hinge mounted on the side of the body, then when the door is opened the result is a unique design. The door opened as is generally conventional design that is out, but after that the door is driven vertically upward.
Lamborghini Murcielago Reventon. (Picture from: http://www.eurocarblog.com/)
Bugatti EB110. (Picture from: http://www.thesupercars.org/)
The design is similar to the butterfly doors, just a different placement of the hinge. Cars that use technology Lamborghini scissor doors are Aventador, Diablo, Murcielago Reventon, Spyker C8, C12 Zagato, Bugatti EB110, and Honda HSC.

5. Sliding Doors
Sliding door with a technology commonly used in various vehicle variants multipurpose vehicle (MPV) such as the Renault Kangoo, Chrysler Voyager, and KIA Sedona. Just as the sliding door in the house, I open this door by pushing it sideways.
Renault Kangoo. (Picture from: http://newcarscollections.com/)
Ford B-MAX. (Picture from: http://bukagambar.info/)
This door design was developed for easy access in and out the rear passenger when the car is parked in a restricted environment. In the development of technology, combined with a sliding door which is the latest design the car body without central pillars, such as the Ford B-MAX is made even easier passenger access.

6. Canopy Doors
Canopy Doors are classified as extreme design was inspired from the door of a jet fighter that was opened up. Although it seems eccentric, car drivers accesibility who use this type of door will be very high.

Because even though the car park in a place that is really narrow in the other car was very close to the car. Because the driver was only opened her car door up and out of the car.
Saab Aero-X. (Picture from: http://automotiveroom.com/)

Volkswagen L1 Concept. (Picture from: http://www.conceptcarz.com/)
There are some cars that are known to apply these types of doors such as 1970 Ferrari Modulo concept car, the Saab Aero-X or the Volkswagen L1 Concept. 

So, in today's era, elevating user access to and from the car cabin via door's integrated connected technology carries notable significance. The choice ultimately rests in your hands, aligning with your unique requirements.. *** [OVI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 13042012 | ATHINGFORCARS]
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