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Sunday, March 4, 2012

10 "Crimes" Against the Body

Instinctively, people really love beauty. People are not only fun and love the beauty around them, such as recreation to places charming, visiting art exhibitions, enjoy the music, or like the opposite sex with a pretty face or handsome, but also very fond of beauty in itself.

A natural demand when someone wants to look beautiful and charming people. For some, the demands of the beauty of it is still in its early stages to the degree necessary or reasonable. However, for some others, the demands of the beauty that has become an obsession. Therefore, many people sought ways and means to make them as beautiful as possible.

Many ways people do to make himself appear to be more beautiful and charming. In fact, without realizing it, the behavior is similar to the "crime" that not only violates the nature of nature, but also detrimental to the health of the wearer. Here are 10 "crimes" against the body:

1. High Heels 
Many women feel more confident to wear High Heels. With high heels, feet seem more level, more sexy butt, and more seductive body.

However, unwittingly, the use of high heels to give the health risks. One of them makes ingrown toenails that have an impact on pain and infection. 

However, when there are problems with toenails, not the shoes are removed, but cut toenails. Women feel their legs look better when wearing high heels and they are willing to sacrifice part of his body just to maintain the aesthetic image that has been displaying.

2. Laser Hair Removal 
It may be that this is a permanent hair removal methods are most reliable at this time. Since its commercial introduction in mid 1990, the method is accepted by the dermatology community and is widely practiced in various clinics. 

Unfortunately, Laser Hair Removal in addition to known high cost, this method is also not suitable for everyone. This method is only suitable for patients with dark hair and white hair, and are semi-permanent so it is still possible to grow back after a few years.

3. Body Piercing 
Stabbing or piercing (Body Piercing) soft tissue in the lower lobes rarely cause problems, except for an allergic reaction to earrings made of metal.

However, it is not the case with all parts of the body. On the part of the nipple piercings take a year to heal, while the scar tissue can interfere with breastfeeding.

Similarly with genital piercings, it can tear the condom, causing bleeding and increased risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases. While piercings on the tongue can cut your teeth and are swallowed.

4. Grills 
Grills are metal jewelry worn on the teeth. It is popular among hip-hop singer. The goal is to provide branding and look of class.

The problem, besides it is expensive, needs the money thousands of dollars, encouraging attitudes among teenagers showing off in urban areas, is also potential for causing disease. The use of grills in the long run can accelerate tooth decay.

5. Permanent Make-up 
Makeup has become the demand of the women. Unfortunately, many women prefer to make up his body permanently, starting from the eyebrow to the tattoo.

Businesses increasingly widespread permanent make-up using the same technique, such as tattoos, generally safe, but it raises a lot of regret, as the final color is not as expected.

We face only one so it would be prudent to take care and makeup in a way carefully.

6. Gastric Bypass 
Obesity is a problem the developed countries. To overcome this problem, various methods are used. One is the Gastric Bypass or bariatric surgery.

This operation modifies the digestive tract by reducing the size of the stomach and the ability to absorb food.

The problem, more than 40 percent of the operated patients had complications after six months, such as chronic diarrhea and hernia.

7. Whiten Skin 
Many people who come from a dark-skinned races have aspired to Western-style white.

They then compete in a variety of skin whitening skin whitening. They do not realize that some elements of mercury-containing bleach that causes nerve and kidney damage.

While others contain hydroquinone, a carcinogen banned in Europe, which in turn makes the skin so it is not white, but full of patches.

8. Botox 
The idea of ​​injecting the deadly bacteria on your face in hopes of paralyzing the muscles may sound appealing. However, anti-wrinkle Botox treatment is risky.

Botox stands for botulinum toxin, one of the most lethal natural substances known, is used medically to treat muscle disorders. Treatment can cause respiratory failure and death.

9. Enlarge the Penis 
Many men who want to impress a partner to rely on the size of the penis. Various methods are used, one with surgery enlarge penis size.

Whereas operations such as It carries the risk of defects and loss of sensitivity, the most important element in this vital tool.

One more thing, there is not one of the leading surgeons in the world who want to operate on the penis that is normal. The experts just want to do surgery on a man who really had a good reason, as to have lost his genitals function as a result of an accident or cancer.

10. Liposuction 
Liposuction is one weight loss option. However, liposuction can remove only about 5 pounds of fat account after four hours of dangerous surgery.

After that, patients will have the smell of liquid dripping from the wound and swollen for weeks, even months. That happens because the capillary network was destroyed and the patient could die.

True beauty of the body will be better and healthier if done by our body's natural condition. Human intervention is unnatural and unhealthy appearance will change you into a lifetime of regret. *** [LIVESCIENCE | RITA ZAHARA | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 03032012]
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