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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Smart Phone Wrapped in Bamboo

Bamboo is widely used as material for furniture to building materials, but no one has used it as a phone because the material is typically a cell phone has a plastic coating, polymer, or metal. But in the creative hands of a British student, bamboo is now converted into a smart phone.

Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, 23, a student majoring in product design at Middlesex University, anxious to see the design of a cellular phone that's all until finally sparked the idea of ​​making a cell phone from bamboo. "I made this model because now so many phone designs are similar to each other," he said. Choice of raw materials fell on organic bamboo four-year-old who got special treatment.

To take advantage of the bamboo plant, Woodhouse skinned so that the texture of bamboo can be found on the entire surface of the material. Bamboo is used to wrap electronic components.

Bamboo is a mini-sized mobile phone, only half the size of the iPhone. Woodhouse also embed Android operating system into the phone. Smart phone from bamboo is then given a brand ADzero.

"Bamboo as a raw material does look weird phones, but in fact this material is very strong and durable," he said.

Woodhouse exhibit design mobile phones in the London Design Week exhibition, held late last year. Of this activity, he knows a lot of people interested in these unique pieces. One bidder is a technology company Adzero, who agreed to help the sale of the product in the UK this year.

Woodhouse supervisor at Middlesex University, Andy Bardill, also excited by this work. He said the Internet open up opportunities resulting emergence of a unique design of creative people. He hopes his students product immediately succeed. *** [DAILYMAIL | TELEGRAPH | ANTON WILLIAM | RINI K | KORAN TEMPO 3785 & 3787]Enhanced by Zemanta
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