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Monday, April 30, 2012

Future Car Concept

In the future, cars no longer just a means of transportation or a part of your lifestyle, but already thinking about eco-friendly design. A number of car manufacturers apparently have the same vision about the concept.

The result is a four-wheel vehicle designs that not only fuel economy or without fuel consumption at all, but also made of materials that can be recycled.

This makes the car manufacturers to reduce dependence on raw material of steel. In addition, the designs can be made more attractive. Here are five cars of the future design who has a unique character:

1. Mercedes-Benz Biome
The design of this German-made car manufacturer has the character of attractive design combined with shades of futuristic technology. Even though it looks big enough, Mercedes-Benz design the Biome with weights as light as possible to save energy consumption.

Biome weight only 394 kg with a body design, chassis and fuel tanks are made of materials BioFibre.

This material comes from plants that added substance called an enzyme bionecta the nutrient-rich plant a tree.
Mercedes-Benz Biome. (Picture from: http://xaxor.com/)
BioFibre claimed to have a stronger resistance than steel but lighter than metal.

2. Peugeot Metromorph
Roman Mitiuk car has a design that is unique and eccentric. The design is influenced by the style of modern house equipped with a balcony on the front. Roman wanted to create a car design that is different from existing ones, so he decided to make a breakthrough.

Peugeot future vehicles may be operated by electric battery powered. Roman Mitiuk claims car design has a versatile ability that can crawl and climb on the walls of buildings and parking right in front of the window.
Peugeot Metromorph. (Picture from: http://espikes09.blogspot.com/)
Peugeot Metromorph. (Picture from: http://jeckyglasster.blogspot.com/)
This is a solution to the limited parking lot in the future along with the increasing traffic congestion in big cities.

General Motors made a strategic collaboration with SAIC, Chinese car company to create a concept car of the future that is claimed to have zero emissions and are able to produce oxygen.

YeZ equipped with solar roof panels that can absorb carbon dioxide from the air and then convert it into oxygen through a process of images electrically.
GM SAIC YeZ. (Picture from: http://www.ecofriend.com/)
The result is the oxygen that comes out of a small turbine devices in the underbody. Any air around the car a cleaner environment. YeZ driven electric power using a battery energy sources.

4. BMW Driving Self
Self-moving car without a driver has long been a dream of man, as is often shown made Hollywood films.

BMW was trying to make it happen with the design concept called Self Driving.

Unlike the future of car design that tends to futuristic, Self Driving a car using the present design.
BMW 5 Series with Driving Self Concept. (Picture from: http://newcountryautonews.com/)
BMW is more emphasis on ability to drive a car without a driver. Self Driving equipped with sensor technology, radar, scanners, and ultrasonic.

5. MAG Magnet
To reduce dependence on fuel oil, a car designer named Matus Prochaczka innovative breakthroughs that make a vehicle that uses magnet-based propulsion and electric motors. Matus innovation was successfully awarded the Interior Motives Design Award in 2007.
MAG Magnetic Vehicle Concept. (Picture from: http://www.uberreview.com/)
MAG Magnetic Vehicle Concept. (Picture from: http://urbantitan.com/)
MAG Magnet is a two-seater vehicle with a unique design and futuristic tone. To run requires a special line that contains a magnet in it. Therefore, the large investment needed to make it a reality. *** [OVI | PIKIRAN RAKYAT 27042012]
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