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Saturday, October 5, 2019

A unique giant-sized SUV named Dhabiyan

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, everything is amazing. After some time ago being a viral news with a row of well-known supercars that were used as the Dubai Police patrol fleets, and then there was a shuttle service for passengers by using the helicopters and many others.
A unique giant-sized SUV called Dhabiyan built and owned by Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2n8undq)
Now one of the members of the United Arab Emirates ruling family named Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan brings another amazement by showing off one of his unique cars. As quoted from the Autoevolution page, on Friday, February 22, 2019, recently his Highness Sheikh Hamad uploaded several pictures of a giant sized vehicle crossing in the middle of the desert on his Instagram account. 

This unique vehicle appeared unusual with 10 main wheels and four spare wheels. At first glance, you would think that this vehicle is one of the robot characters that appear in the Hollywood 's sequel movies 'Transformer.' Especially with its large shaped and sized. No, it's not Transformer robot. Even though the vehicle described as a 'desert ship,' has no equivalent or rival.
The Sheikh, who is based in Abu Dhabi of the UAE, combined a Oshkosh M1075 military truck and a Jeep Wrangler to build this Dhabiyan. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2n8undq)
He was not kidding to give a parable the one-of-a-kind vehicle his owned, considering that those Dhabiyan named desert ship, was the result of a combination of Oshkosh M1075 military trucks and Jeep Wrangler. For information, that the Oshkosh M1075 is a kind of big-sized truck commonly used by the American troops to transport ballistic missiles.

Given its unusual dimensions, the Sheikh Hamad's desert ship has a length of 10.8 meters, a height of 3.2 meters, a width of 2.5 meters and a weight of approximately 24 tons. Judging from its dimensions, so this vehicle might be worthy to be crowned the biggest SUV in the world.

Furthermore the Dhabiyan uses a six-cylinders 15.2 litres (specifically created for military trucks) water-cooled diesel engine of Caterpillar which capable of producing quite a large amount of power, ie 600 horsepower.
With a bad appearance due to a very long body, and bad suspension. Presumably the track that can be passed by this vehicle was only on the desert. Not to mention fuel consumption which might be a problem for most people. 

But once again, that is not a big problem for a super wealthy guys like Sheikh Hamad. And this vehicle is just one of the many expensive vehicles owned by Sheikh Hamad. There are many more luxury and unique vehicles that he has. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DAILYMAIL | AUTOEVOLUTION]
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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Special looks of one-of-a-kind Qatari's gold-coated Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador shouldn't always look sporty and powerful. It could also appear with a luxurious and glamour appearance. The following is an example of a modification work that emphasizes the luxury and grandeur applied to the figure of Aventador.
A modified Qatari gold-coated Lamborghini Aventador by Maatouk Design London, a Dubai-based auto modification house. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2n4tG4N)
It was a work from a Dubai-based company named Maatouk Design London. As we've been seen on the firm's officially site that describes the company’s line of work as "designing and executing deluxe souvenir antiques and shields for kings, presidents, prime ministers and VIP's that meet all needs for all public and private occasions," but one would never come to think that they're in the business of tuning cars too.
Side view of a modified Qatari gold-coated Lamborghini Aventador. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2n4tG4N)
Then who is the owner of those Aventador? The Aventador owner was Mr. Jaber Bin Abdallah Al Hamaidi, a Qatari wealthy businessman. He personally requested to make the look of Aventador he owned to be more luxurious, glamour and ready for showing at the Qatar National Day festivals back in the 2015 ago.

As quoted by Carscoops, in some parts those porcelain-white colored Lamborghini LP700-4 looks coated by 24-carat of gold. Starting from the bumper, accent lines on the hood, and around the front lights. 
The cabin look of a modified Qatari gold-coated Lamborghini Aventador. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2n4tG4N)
Not to forget on the sides, also decorated with gold accent lines on the rear view mirror, roof, rear engine cover, and rear bumper. Even the rims and also the 'raging bull' logo are coated with gold to reinforce the supercar's glamorous aura. 

Not only the exterior, the inside of the cabin is also decorated with gold accents. It could be seen on the steering wheel, instrument panel, and center console that makes it becaming a sensational collaboration when blended with the black colored genuine leather layers surrounding it.
Meanwhile there's nothing change in its mechanical sector, this one-of-a-kind Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 remains to use a 6,500 cc V12 engine capable of bursting the power up to 700 horsepower.. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | MAATOUK DESIGN LONDON | CARSCOOPS]
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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Porsche's purely EV rising-star were born

Recently, Porsche's pure electric vehicles called the Porsche Taycan has officially introduced to the world's automotive enthusiast. Now, those German new electric-powered cars are made in 2 model series, ie Porsche Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo S. Furthermore, the German car manufacturer will add more the product lines to the Taycan Cross Turismo at the end of next year.
All-electric powered Porsche Taycan Turbo has been debuted at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2lf1F9F)
Reportedly, to produce these pure electric vehicles, Porsche invested the money more than six billion euros. Back to Porsche Taycan. From an electric motor mounted on the Taycan Turbo type, it is said to be spewed power around 460 kW or 625 PS. By energy consumption is 26.9 kWh per 100 km with purely zero emission.
Interior view of All-electric powered Porsche Taycan Turbo. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2lf1F9F)
While the Taycan Turbo S is powered of 560 kW or 761 PS. It can accelerate from zero to 100 kph in 2.8 seconds. While the name 'Turbo' is only limited to the overboost term and to show the amount of higher power. The electric-powered car has a range of up to 412 kilometers or around 450 kilometers (according to the WLTP method). The highest speed of those two all-wheel-drive models is up to 260 kph.
Front view of All-electric powered Porsche Taycan Turbo. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2lf1F9F)
What's the meaning of Taycan? The 'Taycan' name itself turns out of Turkic origin can be rougly translated as 'soul of a sprited young horse.' This horse is indeed in line with the symbol of the City of Stuttgart which is embedded in the Porsche car logo. Meanwhile in Japan, the "Taikan" word itself can be interpreted as an experience that can be physically felt.
All-electric powered Porsche Taycan Turbo S on its debut at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2lf1F9F)
The Porsche Taycan is the first electric-powered car production of those German manufacturer, with a voltage system of 800 volts. Yes, not the 400 volts that were usually installed on regular electric-powered cars. And the car's selling point is its fast charging time which is only in less five minutes the liquid cooled lithium ion battery can be recharged by using DC current from high power charging unit. After being recharged, the car can drive up to 100 kilometers (according to WLTP).
Left side view of All-electric powered Porsche Taycan Turbo S. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2lf1F9F)
Then the car's charging time up to 80 percent is around 22.5 minutes in ideal conditions. And the maximum charging power is 270 kW. The overall capacity of the battery plus 93.4 kWh. It said the Taycan marks the beginning of a new era. At the same time, it maintains the Porsche's unique design DNA. From the front it looks very wide and flat with contoured wings.
Interior view of All-electric powered Porsche Taycan Turbo S. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2lf1F9F)
The silhouette is formed by a sporty roofline that slopes backwards. The side looks like a characteristic sedan coupe. The slim body shaped, with the retractable C pillar and the wing shoulder are typical of Porsche designs. There are also innovative elements such as the glass effect Porsche-logoed with the integrated LED light behind.
Rear view of All-electric powered Porsche Taycan Turbo S. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2lf1F9F)
Furthermore, the interior of the Taycan cockpit is said to be a sign of the beginning of a new era. And the cabin structure uses a brand-new architecture. Curved meter clusters by using digital instruments. Then the infotainment system is centered on a 10.9-inch screen in a black panel display. The use of classic hardware such as switches and buttons has decreased greatly. Instead - smart and intuitive controls using the touch of a finger or voice control function. Yes, you can just say "Hey Porsche" to start your command to the car.

While inside of the Taycan, Porsche offers an interior that is completely not using leather materials. And for the first time, the interior is made from recycled materials. Then available two luggage compartments, namely the front storage has a capacity of 81 liters and 366 liters at the rear.
And its prices are quite striking numbers. For the Porsche Taycan S is sold in the prices of US. $153,310 (Rp.2.2 billion) and Turbo S at the price of US $187,610 (Rp.2.65 billion). It should be noted, however, that these two Porsche Taycan models are significantly more expensive than the Tesla products. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | PORSCHE | MOTORTREND]
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Saturday, September 21, 2019

No need to the Mad Max realm, this Lamborghini Gallardo 'Off-Road' can be yours

We may often see in cyberspace where many automotive designer creations on various supercars fitted with off-road kits. And most of these creations may never be realized in real form.
2004 Lamborghini Gallardo 'Off-Road' ready to be your ride to conquer the world’s most unlikely surfaces. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2kUazcl)
Although it looks strange and uncommon, but the strange automotive creations like this actually attract the interest of several world's automotive enthusiasts, especially those who have a lot of money and also has a hobby to collect unique vehicles willing to make it happen in real form.
2004 Lamborghini Gallardo 'Off-Road' ready to be yours immediately with €115,000(Picture from: http://bit.ly/2kUazcl)
Now, You don't need detour your steering wheel to the Mad Max realm to find strange automotive creations that are worthy for sale. Because there is the Netherlands-based online car dealership named Classic Youngtimers Consultancy recently listed a Lamborghini Gallardo 'Off-Road,' which is clearly not an official offer from the Italian marque.
2004 Lamborghini Gallardo 'Off-Road' has been complemented by a number of off-road adventure ride elements. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2kUazcl)
The strange 2004 Lamborghini Gallado 'Off-Road' with matte gray paint job, Lambo's "E-gear" semi-automatic manual transmission, assuming that its 5.0-liter V10 engine has not been swapped or modified, so that can burst the power up to 493-horsepower. With that much power, these car promises the drivers an exceptionally immersive experience on some of the world’s most unlikely surfaces.
Interior and dashboard view of 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo 'Off-Road.' (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2kUazcl)
The extreme appearance of the Gallardo in question has been complemented by a number of off-road adventure rides elements, including substantial modifications to the ride height, helping it to clear high-set obstacles, and an enhanced light-bar plus roof rack, which is able to illuminate even the darkest byways. 
2004 Lamborghini Gallardo 'Off-Road' also has one spare tires in the back to support your off-road adventure. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2kUazcl)
On this off-road supercar's exterior, you also able to find 4 jet-black wheels, and a pair of front-facing bulbs to keep impending rocks, roots, or boulders in view.
If you are interested in acquiring the car for your own testing purposes, visit the Classic Youngtimers site, where these Lamborghini Gallardo 'Off-Road' is available to be yours immediately with €115,000 or $127,000 (approx Rp.1.8 billion). *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CLASSIC YOUNGTIMERS | HICONSUMPTION | MAXIM]
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Friday, September 20, 2019

Hongqi showing up its 2 futuristic car concepts at Frankfurt

One of the Chinese luxury car brands, Hongqi (translates as "Red flag") was listed as one of the surprise participants at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, considering that so many other auto brands that were far more popular in Europe just not shown up.
Hongqi brand has revealed its first S9 hybrid hypercar and E115 electric SUV at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2lQ4ldL)
At the Hongqi booth in those auto expo was seen showing two units of its production vehicles, but they only served the purpose to raise knowledge and awareness among the exhibition visitors on the luxury auto brand owned by FAW Group.

1. Hongqi S9 Hypercar
The first and can be said to be the spectacular is the Hongqi S9 which was their first self-designed and made hypercar. According to the head of FAW Group, Xu Liuping, the Hongqi S9 concept packs a "V8T hybrid power system," leading us to believe that this powertrain combines a V8 turbo petrol engine with one or several electric motors as its driving force.
Hongqi S9 hypercar uses a V8T hybrid power system that combines a V8 turbo petrol engine with one or several electric motors. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2kDGnCq)
The Chinese manufacturer claims the S9 hybrid powertrain is capable of producing maximum power of up to 1,400 horsepower, thus enabling the hypercar to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 1.9 seconds and its top speed reaches up to 400 kph. Even though it sounds crazy, Hongqi said that they really will produce this S9 hypercar.
Hongqi S9 hypercar uses a V8T hybrid power system that enabling the hypercar to accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 1.9 seconds and its top speed reaches up to 400 kph. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2kDGnCq)
"S9 is not just an exhibition car, it will be put into mass production and sent to the customers in 2021," Xu said. And the price for the Hongqi's first hypercar with a carbon fiber body with butterfly door type is reportedly touching the figure of 2 million Euros (US. $2.2 million).

2. Hongqi E115 SUV
The second is the Hongqi E115, this is an electric SUV that is claimed to offer a mileage of 600 km (373 miles). The Chinese company also said that their AWD SUV can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in less than 4 seconds.
Hongqi E115 pure electric-powered SUV is claimed to offer a mileage of 600 km (373 miles). (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2kDGnCq)
Furthermore this China company does not provide details about electric motors and batteries. Only, it was said that this concept vehicle featured the Level 4 autonomous driving technology.
And the car's front looks a bit reminiscent us to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan figure. This is not surprising, considering that the current Hongqi's head of design is Gilles Taylor who used to work for the British luxury brand. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CARSCOOPS | ENUZE]
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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Hypercar-engined tactical vehicle

If the Audi autonomous offroad EV not meet with your desires. And if you are an offroader who prefers a cool hypercar to support you when cross various heavy terrain. Yes, currently there's a hypercar that fulfills your such desires.

Its named the Protos RM-X2, a hypercar-engined off-road vehicle made by Ramsmobile and referred as Multipurpose Hypercar. Maybe then you will ask, what are the advantages so it called a hypercar? Yes, this car deserved to be a hypercar, because in terms of performance it's capable of producing power up to 1,000 hp of its 6L engine.
Ramsmobile Protos RM-X2 'Devil's Touch' edition on display at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. (Picture from: https://cnet.co/2kR1K2Y)
As quoted from the Drivetribe pages which states that the company is specifically building the high-performance Hummers and Humvees. Furthermore, on the company's official Twitter account mentions a slogan, "Manufacturer of the most expensive and luxurious off road vehicles in the world". We think with such a slogan, the car made by those manufacturer deserves to be included as a hypercar.

With the status of multipurpose hypercar, the appearance of this car at a glance resembles a Humvee but with a lighter weight of only 1.8 tons. The whole body is made of a combination of carbon composites, kevlar and titanium so it can withstand the lunge of bullets when being shot with 7.62 mm caliber bullets, or included in the B6/B7 armour classification (and the B7 is available on a client requested only).
Ramsmobile Protos RM-X2 uses wheel sizes range from 20 to 24 inches, wrapped in either 38- or 40-inch all-terrain tires. (Picture from: https://cnet.co/2kR1K2Y)
Then for the engine, the manufacturer offers 3 options. For the first, by using a LT5 supercharge engine with a capacity of 6.2 liters taken of Corvette C7 ZR1, so it able to produce power up to 999 hp. The second, by using a 6.6 liter Duramax V8 diesel engine is mated to an Allison transmission system that is also used on General Motors heavy trucks.

While the third option was a quite surprising, it will be offered by using a number of electric motors and special batteries. But unfortunately the specifications are not mentioned yet. For the performance, the highest acceleration at 100 mph whereas the time is 6.3 seconds to devour the speed of 98 kph, which means it's faster than Bentley Bentayga.
Ramsmobile Protos RM-X2's interior can be seen from the dual displays all draped in exotic materials. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2mjhDj3)
There're three variants of the Protos RM-X2 will be made, the first is the Asthetic, this variant uses a 6.2 liter LT5 engine and it becomes the lightest. The next variant was the 'Devil's Touch' version carried the luxury and darkness themes. The combination of technology and mystical aura by adding gold trim on the wheels, and also pinned the continuous track in the middle of the car such as tanks or snowmobiles and able to accommodate 6 people in it.

The final variant is the 'God’s Creation' edition, it's said to be launched next year. This third version meets the hyper abilities criteria with the strongest protection. This variant has been also called as the most precised, and most powerful of all versions of the machine, bulletproof and many more its advantages.
Ramsmobile Protos RM-X2 body being made out of carbon composites, kevlar and titanium. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2mjhDj3)
The luxury of car's interior can be seen from the dual displays all draped in exotic materials. The company also offered the smoker's cabin package, unlike other cars that give you ashtrays and cigar lighters in the cabin. This one fits with electronic hookahs can be maximized as a smoke, temperature controller and also save smoking parameters level. Some of them are prepared to be able to float in shallow waters and the company is working on converting the exhaust into a jet system. The underside is also Teflon-coated to make it easier to clean.

Now, what is the price offered for the Protos RMX2? Estimates for the Asthetic variant, the price is around US. $1 million with the scissor styled doors that is usually pinned on a cool hypercar. And the most expensive variant is the 'God’s Creation' edition, it can be reach of US. $3 million. The company says it will accept no more than 12 orders for made-to-order production in 2020.
And the variant was displayed at the 2019 Frankfurt International Motor Show was the Protos RM-X2 'Devil's Touch' edition with all the luxury and sophistication. So it deserved to called as the world's most luxury and expensive offroader vehicle ever. Or You have other opinions? Not hesitate, give Your comment below if You have. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | RAMSMOBILE | DRIVETRIBE | ROAD SHOW | MENTITUDE]
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